General info & work

2015 (c) Diego Lucena
Self-portrait, Antwerp 2015

Hi and welcome to my personal website. My name is Diego Lucena. I was born in the city of Fortaleza (CE, Brazil) in April 12, 1984.

I graduated in Physics in 2009 from the Federal University of Ceará. At the same institution, I did both my Master (M.Sc.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Condensed Matter Physics, with a focus on Soft Matter Physics. The title of my Ph.D. thesis is Diffusive properties of soft condensed matter systems under external confinement, which I defended in August, 2014. During my Ph.D., I was an exchange grad student at Condensed Matter Theory Group from the University of Antwerp (Belgium) under the supervision of prof. dr. François M. Peeters.

As of 2016, I’m a postdoctoral researcher (with a postdoc fellowship from CNPq) at Federal University of Ceará (Department of Physics). The main focus of my research is understanding and characterising structural and dynamical properties of soft matter low-dimensional systems.

These may include colloidal particles, dusty plasmas, vortex in type-II superconductors, etc. For this purpose, I combine Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations, classical Monte Carlo (MC) and theoretical analysis.


In this website, I’ll mainly keep an update of my activities concerning my research. However, I may eventually post non-research related stuff, such as hobbies and others personal interests.

Most of the time I’m listening to music, and my profile at can be found here:

I have recently started into the world of photography and my (amateur) work can be found on my Instagram account.

Some of my photos are available for purchase here and here.


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